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Simple Dentistry Done Well

Here at Trinity Village Dental, we believe in doing simple things well.  We deliver comprehensive Dentistry to not only treat your dental emergencies but to give you a life long happy mouth.


Whether you are up all night with a toothache or your child has had an accident and broken their front teeth, we are here for you.

General Dentistry

We provide all the usual treatments you would expect from fillings, treatment of gum disease as well as prevention to reduce the chance of problems developing in the future.

Children's Dentistry

We at Trinity Village Dental love having children around the practice and are passionate about keeping your little one's teeth in tip top condition.

Tooth Replacement

Sometimes it is not possible to save every tooth. We at Trinity Village Dental can provide a solution for you. Whether it is an implant, bridge or a simple denture, we are here to explain your treatment options and allow you to make a fully informed decision.


We understand the anxiety that can be produced when an anticipated visit to the dentist is on the cards. We at Trinity Village Dental have a seditionist to hand that can make your visit more comfortable.

Oral Surgery

When a tooth is not saveable and extraction is advised, we are here to help. Whether it is a simple procedure or more complex oral surgery is required, we are here for you.